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A woman once approached an ERC Trainer during a break

When thinking of Mobile Service Design, we not only design intuitive apps for Smartphones, Tablets or Wearables, but for an entire lifestyle. In our publication, we curate the best articles covering the Mobile Lifestyle — written by people that live it.Writer, board game designer, style consultant, social justice advocate, and relationship enthusiast from New Orleans, LA — Owner of L.I.F.E.G.O.A.L.S.

Dash cam video of the shooting was only released to the public 13 months later the same day, Officer Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder. He is awaiting trial.A grand jury declined to indict Officer Pantaleo.

Wassup Mike, I’m trying to get stronger bigger and leaner but I’m debating between BLS or BBLS, I have about 4 of weightlifting, but I am not satisfied yet. I’m 22 years old weighing 170lbs with about 15% body fat with chicken legs. Which of your plan should I follow and if it’s BLS how long should I follow that routine before I start BBLS. And what’s the best way to increase the size of my lower body, especially calves. ThanksIf training your week points 2x per week is benefic

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We went to grab lunch one day at a Chipotle, and were chatting about this girl he was interested in. He then asked if there were any girls in my life. I nervously started to babble — “I kind of thought you knew that I was gay so I didn’t bother telling you. I hope this doesn’t affect the friendship because I am not into you like that and would never anything to make things awkward.”

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