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All this trade talk can seem an impenetrable thicket

1. . Exotic pests (such as the ) and plant pathogens cause enormous economic damage. Some plant invaders totally remake ecosystems — altering fire regime, nutrient cycling, productivity and resident animals. Some introduced animals have devastated fish, bird and lizard diversity.Thank you for your and the post.

We — both in the Conservancy and in the broader conservation world — need to take seriously the challenges issued by Mark Davis and his colleagues, and think about what they mean for where we invest our money. I am confident that The Nature Conservancy’s investment in eradicating pigs from Santa Cruz Island was smart. I equally confident that polices restricting the flow of non-native plants into the country could reduce future economic damage from non-native insects and pathogens. But I have

Geographical barriers protected the southerners from Islam&aposs advance, enabling them to retain their social and cultural heritage and their political and religious institutions. The Dinka people were especially secure in the marshlands, which protected them from outside interference, and allowed them to remain secure without a large armed forces. The Shilluk, Azande, and Bari people had more regular conflicts with neighbouring states.The comprises the history of the territory of present-day and the peoples

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