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Have you ever wrongly suspected that other people are out to harm you? Have you been convinced that you’re far more talented and special than you really are? Do you sometimes hear things that aren’t actually there?The widespread symptoms typically associated with schizophrenia are at least as likely to be triggered by people’s environment as their genes, a new study suggests

Caused by the spirochaete , neurosyphilis is now rare in developed countries. However, it was once a major cause of neuropsychiatric illness and remains so in developing countries. About 50% of patients with neurosyphilis develop general paresis of the insane (GPI), while 25% develop tabes dorsalis and a further 25% develop meningovascular neurosyphilis. Cerebral gummata may also occur. The clinical presentation of patients with these syndromes will now be described. – Eye (Argyll Robertson pupil, which r

In discussing the possible biological bases for the occurrence of these symptoms, it is important to note that the disorder is not due to the presence of a foreign substance in the body. Rather, the biological basis of its symptoms is found in the imbalance of neurochemistry and brain anatomy that manifests into the generation of extreme thoughts and behaviors which are otherwise normal among the general population. Because there is no clear cut line that distinguishes NPD and non-NPD, psychologists and psy

The symptoms of mood disorders and schizophrenia resemble each other and in some cases may even be identical. Indeed, many individuals meet the criteria for both schizophrenic and mood disorders at different times throughout their lives or, occasionally, even at the same time. Individuals who have the symptoms of schizophrenia and also meet criteria for one of the major mood disorders are classified as having , which has two subtypes: bipolar and depressed ().

Not long after Freud described his three personality types in 1931, psychoanalyst Erich Fromm proposed a fourth personality type, which has become particularly prevalent in today’s service economy. Fromm called this type the “marketing personality,” and it is exemplified by the lead character in Woody Allen’s movie , a man so governed by his need to be valued that he becomes exactly like the people he happens to be around. narcissists avoid these traps by:

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