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Should you fix your car? Should you keep hail-damaged car

If you decide to pay for repairs, the standard route is to take the car to your usual dealership or body shop. That will work, Paul said, but it might not be the cheapest option.A video posted by Margo Romanowski (@margo_romo) on

Cars tend to bear the brunt when hailstorms hit, as was the case when golf-ball sized hail assaulted central Alberta earlier this week causing plenty of property damage. Superficial dings are common, and if you’re really unlucky, a cracked windshield.

We don’t care! Your car, no matter the damage, still holds value for us. We will make you an offer that you won’t receive anywhere else. What’s even better is we’ll do it all for free.

For more than 40 years, Dave&aposs Auto Body shop has been providing superior automotive services. Our auto body shop proudly provides collision repairs at competitive prices. From glass replacement to towing, and diagnostic services to lifetime warranties, Dave&aposs Auto Body your one-stop auto body shop for quality service you can count on.

While hail rarely kills anyone, it can cause catastrophic damage. One recent example is the hailstorm that hit Denver, Colo., in May 2017. With hailstones striking a wide swath of the city during rush hour, the storm is officially the most expensive disaster the state ever seen.And if your car’s damaged by hail, will insurance cover it?

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