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Still, even if a solid 50 percent of the audience who see this movie comes out craving a grilled crispy chicken sandwich, that’s a decent market share! Spurlock says that immediately after the success of the Columbus pop-up, they got offers to franchise. “We have investors who want to come onboard to put this out because we’ve already seen that people are responding to someone finally telling them the truth about how terrible the industry is and how bad the food is for you,” he says. “So I think a

It felt hypothetical—aspirational even—to say those words back then. But on that two years after my surgery, I finally realized what Eve Ensler meant by “waves.”

can be interpreted as an of the struggle between , with the human characters Will, Jim, and Charles on the side of morality, and Mr. Dark and his carnival the side of sin and . As in many other fictional works revolving around the same concept, good prevails in the end, not with supernatural or physical powers, but with purity of heart. Jim represents good that is always on the verge of giving into temptation, while Will, though he has crises and doubts, is the part of us that resists giving in.

That’s when I discovered a reassuring word: . At my most pessimistic, that term made me feel less alone. The percentage of cisgender women who some form of anorgasmia is not lower than the percentage of transgender women who have reported being anorgasmic after surgery .

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