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Leos can have rather big egos as

That’s a wonderful post, Leo. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve also challenged myself to not complaining for the past few years, and it can be extremely difficult since I live in London where people bond by complaining about the weather together! Having lived in Taiwan, US and the UK, the cultural difference between “complaining” is also very interesting. :)On the other hand I also feel that it could be potentially beneficial to have a polite conversation with management to let th

Developers struggle with this all the time in China. Face-saving can cripple development. Valuable time is lost figuring out how to make the person in charge feel like a good idea was their idea, so it can be adopted.

Best friends … They’re very often the first people you...Hello i have a question I’ve been talking to a leo man for about a month now and everything was going ok in the beginning we really were hitting it off i got morning text messages and in the middle of the day and all of sudden it stop this is someone my daughter knows but the thing is he is an ex he is my age even though they been stop dating his feelings have been in and out one minute he shows affection and then he pulls away and say w

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