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Sleepiness has long been an issue among adolescents.

It can be hard to determine the cause of a teen&aposs sleep problems. Talk with a family doctor if these problems with sleep continue for than a couple weeks. A doctor or a counselor can help teens find ways to deal with any stress that may be causing them to have a hard time sleeping.

They may need to see a specialist if poor sleep continues to affect their daily lives. A sleep specialist has the expertise to find the source of sleep problems in teens. He also knows what is needed to help teens begin to get the sleep that they need.

Screening for possible sleep problems should be part of the evaluation of every person with behavioral and/or academic problems, especially ADHD. Identifying any sleep problems before prescribing medication will help the clinician to decide the best treatment and monitor the side effects more efficiently.

Tiredness is unfortunately an imprecise term. My step is differentiating between fatigue and sleepiness, although they can travel together :

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