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Should you fix your car? Should you keep hail-damaged car

If you decide to pay for repairs, the standard route is to take the car to your usual dealership or body shop. That will work, Paul said, but might not be the cheapest option.

Still wondering how you can sell your hail damaged car for cash? We’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. If you like what you we can get you an instant quote and schedule a date to pick up your junk car. Call us at (855) 437-9728.Copyright 2017 Junk Car Medics • All Rights Reserved

From a finance perspective it&aposs just lost money - you are literally throwing it out. Technically if you keep a nice new car, new looking and even put 150K miles on it you will able to sell it for more than if it&aposs all dinged up...but at that point the difference is going to be small.

If you own your car and have no plans to sell it in the future, forgoing the cosmetic repair and keeping the cash settlement may be worth your while. However, if you do plan to sell or trade your vehicle, small, cosmetic damage could affect the car’s resale value. “You don’t want to leave money on the table. If it costs a $1,000 to get the damage repaired, but it’s going to take $1,500 off the resale, then it’s worth it,” says Thomas. If your car’s a hunk of junk, might be better off using the

If you have experienced hail or storm damage in a recent storm please be sure to first contact your insurance carrier and start the claim process before contacting the body shop. Some insurance carriers are setting up CAT or Catastrophe claims centers first inspect damaged vehicles. If your carrier has set up a CAT site we are required to start repairs based off of their estimate. If your carrier requires you to have the shop first inspect the vehicle contact us and set up an appointment for an estimate. If

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