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If you don’t share what you hear from below with your higher-ups, without excessive filtering or sugarcoating, your employees will stop wasting their own breath. The same thing is likely to happen if they see you sitting silently in meetings when they know you’ve got a mental list of problems or ideas that you could be raising. Formal power comes with an expectation that you’ll be the voice of your subordinates and take action on their behalf. Failure to do so a big demotivator.This “why bother?”

You could also reveal some vulnerabilities, stating how you had always been independent-minded and had done all work yourself, until you came across a daunting academic or extracurricular challenge so vast that you had to sacrifice your pride and collaborate to achieve more than you could have alone. The word count is limited, but it is important to use a good anecdote and clearly communicate the personality traits this collaboration reveals about yourself.You can really drive a narrative here, starting by

1. Let’s get everyone to share ideas by video or pictures - It’s easy to do and it’s authentic – upload or email Members of Y (and we’re generalising a little, but hey, it’s a title)

If you want to rethink your video content plan around the trends you uncover, we&aposve got a lesson Google BrandLab on that, too. .

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