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In an attempt to justify this re-closing of the artistic closet, MoMA’s press office first informed me that Johns and Rauschenberg “wish to be described” as just friends. (Rauschenberg died in 2008 Johns is 82.) When I asked whether the artists specifically requested such a label, the museum’s representative walked back the claim, instead stating that they “have been referred to that way [as friends, that is] historically,” but the rep would not say whether the artists themselves insisted on th

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What this does is coerce, or worse, erase the many women who support Sanders because is “paid for by the people, not the banks,” “cares about equality,” sees “healthcare as a human right,” and appears to be more “open, honest, and trustworthy” to them. (All things female students at Clinton’s alma mater, Wellesley College, said for Sanders.)

It’s a nice narrative, as far as it goes. But it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Rauschenberg and Johns were lovers during this six-year period of collaboration, and their relationship had a profound impact on their art. For years, the art world ignored this vital component of the Johns/ Rauschenberg story, while the artists themselves kept mum on the matter. But 2010’s exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery broke the silence, openly exploring the artists’ sexuality as it intersected with their w

So I’m perusing the web on the airplane to Los Angeles and saw a blast of incandescent gay fury all over the place. It turns out that Ezra Klein had the gall to offer a writing fellowship to one Brandon Ambrosino, a 23 year-old professional dancer who is a graduate of Liberty College, Jerry Falwell’s joint. Judging from the reaction, you might have thought Ezra had hired Rick Santorum. Oh! the screeds and harrumphs, the sighs and the gasps! Here’s the gay politburo official at , in a dre

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