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Jenny May of Blooming Daisy Marketplace of Cottleville, Mo., Susan Brewer of Susan Brewer Service First Real Estate of St. Charles, Mo., Laurie Berlener and Jennifer Lograsso, both of Blooming Daisy Marketplace, winner of Best Gift Shop, at the Best of St. Charles County Reader&aposs Choice Awards at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Mo., on Dec. 14, 2017.

On Thursday at the Foundry Art Centre in Charles we honored the winners and celebrated their accomplishments.

Using this example, in the old version of Google Analytics the search engine was used to be credited for the conversion, but now, with Multi-Channel Funnels you can see the whole path that Cindy took to convert: Social Network &ampgt Referral &ampgt Search engine. The Goal Flow report is essentially a better representation of the Funnel Visualization report and contains the same dimensions as Visitors Flow report.

Before you move on to your last step, picture yourself talking to your buyer, and your copy aloud. Do you stumble over any sentences? Does your copy engage your buyer? Does it persuade him to buy?

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