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Is your transit agency succeeding? It depends on what

The print version of TCRP Report 153 is accompanied by a CD-ROM that includes a station access planning spreadsheet tool that allows trade-off analyses among the various access modes--automobile, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit-oriented development--for different station types. The appendices to TCRP Report 153 are also on the CD-ROM.

Third, . The small, but significant, steps taken in MAP-21 on performance will continue to depend upon the regulatory measures of, and guidance from, the operating entities of U.S. Department of Transportation. For now, there are few consequences, if state and local recipients of federal transportation funding fail to meet the performance metrics mandated by law.But FAST Act was not all good news.

First, despite the prevailing scholarly focus on breakthrough statutes such as Medicare or welfare reform, most of government’s greatest endeavors involved a relatively large number of statutes passed over a relatively long period of time. Only eight of the 50 endeavors involved fewer than three major statutes: promoting equal access to public accommodations, increasing access to health care for older Americans, enhancing workplace safety, devolving responsibilities to the states, increasing access he

The growth and profitability of some businesses become less attractive in a digital world, and the capabilities needed to compete change as well. Consequently, the portfolio of businesses within a company may to be altered if it is to achieve its desired financial profile or to assemble needed talent and systems.Select topics and stay current with our latest insights


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Is your transit agency succeeding? It depends on what
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