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There are no critic reviews yet for . checking Rotten Tomatoes

Another way to undercut Rotten Tomatoes involves restricting reviews until the last possible minute. Sony set a review embargo of opening day for “The Movie,” which left the Tomatometer blank until after many advance tickets had been sold and families had made weekend plans. “The Emoji Movie,” which ultimately received a Tomatometer score of 8, squeezed out decent opening-weekend ticket sales of $24.5 million.

There are all sorts of reasons that scores might be higher on a site like Fandango compared with competitors after all, if ask people about a movie after they’ve paid $15 for it and devoted a couple of hours of their life to it, maybe they’ll have a more favorable opinion of the work. Maybe the profoundly rightward shift in Fandango’s bell curve is just a moviegoer’s version of Stockholm syndrome.Please enter a valid email address and try again.

Potential moviegoers will have to wait a little longer to find the critical consensus on “Justice League.” While studios typically lift review embargoes a week or more before a film opens, Warner Bros. is embargoing reviews for the DC movie until 2:50 a.m. Wednesday morning, just one day before it’s set to open Thursday […]

The first rotten review for ‘Lady Bird’ on has arrived and it comes from the same guy who gave ‘Toy Story 3’ its first review in 2010.

No Knights of Sidonia – realize anime isn’t for everyone but it’s a decent enough Netflix original for those who like the genre. Surprised it has no critical reviews on this site. 153 Fresh Streaming Series and Movies You Should Watch Now

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