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People trying to kill crying jordan tonight. you can&apost kill crying jordan. it&aposll come back stronger.His Airness himself doesn’t care much for Crying Jordan, at least according to one of his friends.

It’s also entirely possible that Jordan isn’t fond of the meme because it reminds him of the moment the photo was snapped, at his Hall of Fame induction in 2009. He broke down briefly as he began his speech, then went full Jordan what was, by Hall of Fame standards, a remarkable address. Jordan passed up schmaltz and, instead, his remarks had real edge as he singled out enemies perceived and real as well as people who had doubted him. It was a compelling speech that, in 2009, revealed him to be “the

But this is not just a security challenge. It is a values challenge. IS and groups like it want to change our society.The trio of attackers had already driven a van into crowds of pedestrians.

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