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First thing Let&amp#39s get the definitions

And are important parameters for engineers to understand. is a measure of how much force an object experiences per unit area, and is a material&aposs ability to withstand stress. When the stress exceeds the strength of a part, it fails. That is what happened in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City in 1981, when too many people were dancing on a skyway bridge in the hotel atrium and it collapsed, killing 114 people. Engineers determine where the stress will be the highest on an object so that part can be rede

The reasons that speak in favor of the parties&apos rational choice of the difference principle are their higher-order interest in developing their capacities for justice, their concern for their self-respect, their concern for stability, and the strains of commitment. Compare the difference principle with the principle of restricted utility: Once the social minimum is met, restricted utility does not guarantee that the worse off will benefit in any way from further gains to those better off. Quite the contrary

It would be easy to mistake this for straight Blueberry in a blind smell test with the sweet fruit notes emanating from the bag, but there’s a lingering pine spice that I really enjoy hidden under there. Loading up my one-hitter, I took three pulls of what tasted like the same gum Violet Beauregarde was chewing the Wonka factory. The high was ideal for keeping me moving while things chilled or rested so the kitchen didn’t look like I had done 100 covers during restaurant week, a frequent fate wh

To sum up, the parties in the original position are formally rational in that they are assumed to have and to effectively pursue a rational plan of life with a schedule of coherent purposes and commitments that give their life meaning. As part of their rational plans, they have a substantive interest in the development and exercise of their capacities to be rational and to be reasonable. These “higher-order interests” provide them with reason to procure for themselves in their choice of principl

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