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The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith, and Christian

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“It is one thing to receive a witness from what you have read or what another has said and that is a necessary beginning. It is quite another to have the Spirit confirm to you in your bosom that what you have testified is true. Can you not see that it will be supplied as you share it? As you give that which you have, there is a replacement, with increase!” by Walter Rane, courtesy of the Museum of Church History and Art

In an interview, Miller says, “God is the original artist and has given us gifts of creativity. It is the responsibility of artists to tell the good with their art.” We, made in the image of God the Creator, can be artists, using our creativity to serve God by working toward (peace, harmony, wholeness) in the world.

Men are sent to prison every day for crimes no one saw them commit. How are such verdicts reached? Through the presentation and consideration of all available evidence. In like fashion, just because no man was present when God created the universe doesn’t mean there is no evidence to support fact that it happened. If Mr. Sagan was correct in his assessment of what constitutes faith, then it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in the God of the Bible!The context in question deals with th

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