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Puerto Rico also has great incentives for

The day I visited the kitchen I came across dozens of assembling sandwiches — a sea of slices of bread and ham (and lots of mayonnaise). The group’s motto: “Make them as though they were for you.” Nearby, one of the cooks was seasoning a huge pot of chicken before mixing in yellow rice. An hour later, I boarded a food truck and saw all that food distributed to women and children in Loiza, one of the communities most affected by the hurricane. On that day, 148,000 meals were prepared and delivered, e

Puerto Rico is an international destination with world-class air service. The Island has eleven airports servicing residents and visitors. The hub of the Caribbean, the San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) handles around 5,000 cargo per month and over 2,200 weekly flights from more than 20 airlines, according to the Puerto Rico Ports Authority. Typical flight time from Miami to San Juan is approximately two hours and a half, while it takes approximately four hours to fly direct to and fro

In an innovative business world, Puerto Rico is ready for the challenge of emerging sectors and showing that the island of enchantment has the perfect formula to make businesses grow. The Island’s unique relationship with the United provides your corporation with all the benefits afforded for a U.S. Jurisdiction, without federal taxation. The content of this website has been prepared for information purposes only.

Some of the poorest Puerto Ricans live within sight of the convention center across Bahía de San Juan in a waterfront neighbourhood called Vietnam – so named because many of the local people are veterans of that war and described conditions here as “worse than Vietnam”. But they won’t be there for long. Their homes are being bulldozed .

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