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As you undertake a systems thinking process, you will find that

The Certified Systems Thinker Program presents what is considered absolute essential understanding and skills necessary to develop a systemic perspective for situations of interest. This Systemic Perspective provides a basis for deeper understanding, insights and more effective action. The intent is to enable one to be more effective dealing with situations, while reducing the likelihood of creating unintended consequences making matters worse, or creating new problems in the process.Surfaces the structure

Design, create, organize, document, manage, store, &amp print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes—all in a fraction of the time!

Major projects have been around since the pyramids, and 2017 is the centenary of the Gantt chart - the most recognised tool in modern project management. But in today&aposs fast-moving, global marketplace, traditional techniques based around strategic planning and control are often not enough. How can we equip ourselves to deal with projects for the 21st century, in which projects are not only large scale and &aposcomplicated&apos but are also &aposcomplex&apos? These qualifications require 180, 120 and 60 credits respectively

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