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And yet I also have to police my

The officer then asked for my license (which seemed odd, uncomfortable and totally inappropriate). The officer returned to his SUV with the lights flashing. (For perspective, both vehicles were pulled over on the left side of an offramp in a recently graded dirt area. This seemed precarious to me, but this is where the officer told the driver to pull over, using his in-vehicle megaphone).

Each police force in the UK has its own website, though some are more informative and helpful than others. Some police websites give information about how they respond to domestic abuse incidents, and may include copies of policy documents, and information on what you can expect if you report an to them.The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme is also known as Clare’s Law, named after Claire Wood who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009.

Words cannot say how pleased I am to have my tools back but I felt it correct to write this email and I really hope PC Chadwick gets to hear about my email. Once again many Thanks!I appreciate the two PCSO&aposs that came to my house this evening, very professional, understanding and caring people.

I went to his school to talk with him and I will never forget the moment when he looked me in the eye and said, “I just want to know if they love me. My mom was always threatening to punish me but she never did. She doesn’t love me. I just want to know if they love me.” Just a few short blocks from there in heavy traffic, the kind that you only see in cities in rush hour or anytime in construction season (where we live, anytime there isn’t snow on ground is construction season), ther

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