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Carriers are increasingly bundling video with mobile phone subscriptions,

“The voice-enabled speaker market is expanding quickly, with a number of high-profile products expected to hit shelves in Q4 2017, and into As sales of these devices continue to grow, and more voice-enabled applications are developed, the use case for intelligent voice speakers, particularly as it relates to home automation devices, will continue to expand,” said Arnold.

Macario Namie, who heads internet of things strategy for Cisco’s Jasper unit, says wireless carriers may not see this as problem. Even with low adoption, individual plans can still provide a big boost to carriers’ bottom lines. (Jasper, which Cisco acquired last year, manages cellular connectivity for small-scale devices, including the data plan that’s built into some Amazon Kindle e-readers.)

But by approaching these connections piecemeal, carriers are missing a bigger opportunity to connect the next wave of devices. To that end, it’s not hard to imagine more creative approaches than charging $10 per month, per device.The struggles and triumphs of prominent women in leadership positions

“Ten years ago, Viacom would never have wanted to do anything like this because they wouldn’t want to jeopardize their relationships with the traditional distributors,” said Terry Denson, a media consultant and former head of content at Verizon Communications Inc (). “The balance of power has shifted as the opportunity for growth lies with newer distribution platforms like social media, smartphones and tablets.”

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