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Yes. The Rapid City Journal Media Group publishes a

“Without having context or knowledge of relevance within our tribal communities, you miss a lot of the important points,” Ecoffey explains. “And when you look at hyperlocalized news, Native journalists, we’re the only ones to really capture that.”

American Horse, 26, tensed up. The Lakota activist, a red bandana tied around his forehead, scrunched his shoulders and squeezed his eyes shut as a young sheriff’s deputy with unsteady hands angled a vibrating blade into the PVC pipe securing him to the construction equipment.That piece of the narrative was buried by almost all who covered the dog attacks—even by , the news broadcast largely credited with drawing attention to the Standing Rock story, and , North Dakota’s leading chronicler of the pip

If the shoe fits, the media is going to have to wear it. It is obvious that most of the popular media hates Trump and that they are willing to print anything to make Trump look bad. Then they whine when he points out their lack of journalistic professionalism.

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