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Yes! Hulu just recently dumped several seasons of multiple series into my list as unwatched &amp we&aposve watched them all. Now they&aposre taking precedence over the shows we really haven&apost seen yet because they seem to be ranked in order of # of unwatched episodes. Really annoying!We’ll send you updates on this idea

Most kids find out about new videos either from their friends or by clicking on the related videos (which or may not be appropriate). But YouTube itself offers several ways to home in on quality content. Visit in a variety of categories. Read about YouTube news on , and find out what&aposs trending all over the country on the and the .

TiVo’s live TV DVR offers the best all-in-one experience if you’re looking for something simple and familiar, but it’s not cheap. $400 gets you a slick set-top box with 1TB of built-in storage and the ability to record four shows at once. It also features a well-designed menu that offers access to your recordings, apps like Netflix and a unified search. So even your tech-phobic parents should be able to use the Roamio without constantly calling you for help.If you’re passing on your Roku to a new ho

I have no intention of plopping the baby in front of the TV for hours on end. My kid spends, at most, 30 minutes a day with a screen, and we’ve cut down his screen time even further since our doctor’s prohibition. At the same time, I’m skeptical of the blanket rule against screens. Sometimes they can’t avoided, and letting the baby watch or play with a screen can be immensely helpful. The other night I wanted to watch the Republican presidential debate—would it have ruined my s

The cause of stagnant channel-tuning may not just be about poor-quality channels competition from new services surely plays a part as well. Cord-cutters have long called for the unbundling of channels from cable subscriptions, and as services like Netflix, iTunes, and set-top boxes with content-specific apps gain market share, it has easier to ditch old-school cable TV if the bills get too high or consumers feel like they&aposre paying for a product they don&apost want.

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