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9:05pm - Jul 13 2018
Although taxpayers may not “vote out of office” bureaucrats who fail

Hi Bob, So glad I took the time to read through almost all of this. I’m amazed at the way you sifted through some of the comments and replied such a considerate and insightful way. I highly appreciate the views you shared as well. Your assessments are very wise and highly informed. Are you running for office? I’d vote for you!

The idea that you should have to show your work on a standardized test is ludicrous, much less that you have to show it “their way”. There is not an employer out there that will make you show your work on math problems. The reason for showing work is a learning tool to ensure students are not skipping steps, and to allow teachers to give partial credit as well as identify areas of weakness. None of those reasons apply to any standardized test, and particularly one that has nothing to do with ind

“Officials are very concerned because they see coming,” Rubio, who ascribed blame for political inaction to both parties, told the Guardian. “It’s hard for me to understand how it got to this point.

Education of curse but even forcing then in that. Roma’s children should be taken away from families if they refuse to let them go to school until the legal age.


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