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Depending on location, roofs and drains need to be cleaned between

In South Florida, we deal with many condominiums built as far back as the 1960s that have cast iron have not yet set aside a budget for repair. If your building was built before 1985, you need to start budgeting for pipe repair now to avoid dishing out costly assessments in the case of sanitary sewer failure. Your first step to diagnosing the condition of your sanitary sewer would be a comprehensive video inspection. If you are within our service area in Southeast Florida we would be happy to provide you wi

Before you consider cleaning your drain from a rooftop, take into account accessibility of the vent, condition of the roof, weather, and any other factors that might complicate the job. Do not try this approach if you have no experience working on the roof or aren’t comfortable with the procedure. Avoid working on wet or snowy roof surfaces. Wear rubber-soled boots or shoes, use ladders and other equipment that are in good condition, and use a roof harness if needed to assure your safety.You must be

Crews will work either from ladders or the roof, depending on roof type, pitch of the roof and the weather. Cleaning from the roof is faster and should be less expensive. Work on tile roofs needs to be completed by crews with tile experience. The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a rope and harness system for safety for roof work above two building levels. Some projects require the use of boom or scissor lift to access difficult areas or roofs that cannot be walked on a

When the perimeter drains are installed, a layer of gravel is generally placed on top of the perimeter drainage system, before the dirt is filled back in. This should prevent clogging. However, if the system is clogged up, there’s not much you can do besides having the whole area dug up again, and the replaced.Check out these related articles:

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