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In the landmark 1982 case , the U.S.

Integration coupled with an increasing number of students who the state would not fund, created a breeding ground for traditionalist backlash. Tyler ISD, like other schools, began charging undocumented students $1,000 per school year to attend their public schools in 1977.

. The Court discussed the standards pursuant to which a parent may obtain reimbursement for a private educational placement. Importantly, the Court determined that reimbursement does not necessarily require that the private school meet the IDEA’s definition of free appropriate public education—for example, the private school does not necessarily have to meet the state education standards. There are now a number of Circuit Court decisions (including a First Circuit decision that will be discussed in my n

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Bowers, Faye. 2007. In Growing Cities, a Loss of Students Schools Aren&apost Sure Why Enrollment is Down. , September 24, 2007.

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