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There are two singly linked lists in a system. By some programming error the end node of one of the linked list got linked into the second list, forming a inverted Y shaped list. Write a program to get the point where two linked list merge.

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Should Amazon select from the three D.C.-area contenders, the entire region could see a boost, according to urban planning experts. The economic relationships among Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District could prompt Amazon employees to settle in Washington, for example, even if their commutes take them to the immediate suburbs.The release of the list prompted celebrations from some local politicians.

Curiously, unlike legendary (purple) gear, exotics in do not appear to require Guardians to have reached the level cap of 20 — or at least, exotic armor doesn’t. We were able to don the exotic armor in question once we had hit level 4, and each piece bore a defense value of 105. That’s far below the legendary items in the beta, which were at 200 attack (for weapons) and 200 defense (armor) and required level 20.And they look awesome, to boot.

Have passed the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Computer Test (CBT) of competence or IT product manager employed by a qualifying company, in a role which requires five years of appropriate experience, as well as proven experience of team leadership

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