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I give my stupid look. Apple pie, I say. “It is

Absolutely. Letting the dough rest is essential as you don’t want a warm, overworked crust or it will have developed the gluten too and all melt together

As the leaves fall outside, temperatures come down, and the rain drizzles in (no end sight here in the PNW), brighten up your day with a steaming hot bowl of apple pie oatmeal. Yes, that sounds like a commercial, I’m trying to sell you on this recipe. How did I do?

Thank you, my friend! The shots are starting to become a signature of mine, I can’t stop doing them. 🙂 I truly feel that apple pie oatmeal would make a better President than any of the current offerings. 🙂

Ok Elizabeth, here’s what’s happening. I’m coming over so that you can teach me how to make all these amazing recipes you do on your blog. Seriously girl, your creativity blows my mind! Absolutely LOVE the looks of this. Pinned!These little appetizers are so beautiful!

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