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Tiredness is unfortunately an imprecise term. My step

Wearden, A., and Appleby, L. (1997). Cognitive performance and complaints of cognitive impairment in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 27, 81–90. doi: 10.1017/S0033291796004035A hierarchical regression analysis showed that the pre-treatment sum total score on MCQ-30 was not associated with EMQ sum score post-treatment, when controlling for pre-scores on the EMQ ( = = = = −).

Hi Vera - yes the scan can be wrong in estimating your due date. All ultrasounds have a margin of error. The earlier a scan done in a pregnancy, the more accurate it is.

Another post up to your usual high standards, Belle. I’ve been trying to bring in more stories, as opposed to just writing facts.

Though the exact mechanism for exertion cramps is there do seem to be some distinct differences between the characteristics of these cramps compared to neuromuscular cramps. Exertion cramps provide a little warning in the form of fasciculations, those small muscle twitches you can see and feel at the skin level. Once the cramping begins in earnest, however, it can spread to muscles that are not being directly stressed. In contrast, neuromuscular cramps are localized to the muscle that’s overloaded and pro

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